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Sit back and let Contact Daddy post your targeted, personalized message to tens of thousands of potential customers via their website contact forms.  Millions of businesses have websites ready for ContactDaddy to visit their  contact form and post your personalized message.


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Contact Daddy Makes It Easy!

You Can Be Generating Red-Hot B2B Leads On AutoPilot In Less Than An Hour!

Send a unique personalized message to tens of thousands of your best, targeted B2B prospects every single day... All on complete auto-pilot!

  • Post and submit your message to tens of thousands of websites every single day!
  • Personalize & customize your message with mail merge and include a web link
  • Scrape and harvest unlimited websites to submit to
  • Decaptcha solving using deathbycapatcha
  • Run on a windows PC 24/7
  • Personalize & customize your message with mail merge and include a URL
  • Verify emails in bulk
  • Executive email appending
  • Department email appending
  • 100% Compliant - No Spam Complaints!
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Isn't It Time You Started Getting Results Like This?

  • I purchased the software yesterday and downloaded it to my pc. This morning I ran my first campaign having no idea what kind of results I would get. I pressed start and went to a meeting. During the meeting I had to silence my phone because of the calls and responses. It's only 2PM and we booked 9 appointments so far!
    Steven Fine Business Consultant
  • I have been a commercial business broker for over 15 years.  We have typically used phone and direct mail to generate leads and find businesses who are interested in selling.  Because of your software, we have nearly doubled our amount of listings and are busier than ever before.
    Donald Quarterro Advantage Business Brokers
  • Okay, I'm impressed.  I have a small but growing marketing agency in New York. After 2 days of using Contact Daddy we generated over 50 leads from small businesses interested in marketing services. I had to turn it off today so we can get caught up.  I'm putting up ads soe more sales people today!
    Michael Johnson Social Juice Media
  • I own an IT Company in Southern Florida and we provide IT & tech support for small-medium sized businesses.  I usually bring on 2-3 new contracts a month. After a recommendation from one of my customers. Since getting your software back in February. We now book 2-3 new contracts a WEEK just from running your software a couple days a week.  I need to hire more staff before I try the emailer.
    Dominic Justin Broward IT Services

ContactDaddy Is Packed With Powerful Features

ContactDaddy Software

Post and submit your personalized message to tens of thousands of websites every day. Because your messages are being delivered directly through the contact form, there are no email restrictions. Never worry about spam complaints!

Web Search Data Scraping Module

Enter your niche or keyword and ContactDaddy will search Google, Bing and Yahoo, allowing you target any business niche and import the results directly into Contact Daddy for automatic website contact page submissions!

Powerful Search Features

Contact Daddy’s data miner includes some very powerful search filers that enable you to further refine your data results such as the option to block certain TLD’s like .org, .edu and “Definition” and” type Websites like Wikipedia OR “Directory “sites such as Yellow Pages

Department Email Appending

Contact Daddy enables you to create “Department” emails like sales@ info@ hr@ and then run those emails through the email verifier and automatically append the correct emails.

Email Digger

When a website does not have a Contact Page you can ask ContactDaddy will dig deep and harvest all of the email addresses from all the websites. Just a couple more clicks and easily export the emails to use in your mail program.

Verifies Emails

Bulk upload a data file Contact Daddy uses our own integrated email address verifier that emails are valid without ever emailing it!

Executive Email Appending

Have the name of a business owner but not their email address? Contact Daddy will create common email address structures and then use the integrated email address verifier that will confirm which of the dozen is  deliverable. Approximately 75% of the records get correctly appended.

Captcha Solving

So, we’ve added an integration with which will automatically “solve” captcha codes for less than $1.40 per 1,000 solved captcha’s!

Fast Action Bonuses $299 /mo Value

Bonus #1 - 100,000 Fresh Data Records Every Month!!

Make your selection from over 600 million US Business records to pull for your campaigns. You can target them by SIC or NAICS ,  location, radius search, titles of executives, employee size, company revenues and more. All data comes with a replacement guarantee! - A $200 per month value

A $200 Per Month Value!

Bonus #2 - Unlimited Access To Power Lead Finder!

Power Leads is an application that enables you to get leads from the following sites:  Google, Manta, Directory Sites, Realtors, Contractors and more! Home Advisor. The program grabs: company names, addresses, contact information, emails, website address, phone numbers, and much more.

A $99 Per Month Value!

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500% Your Investment No-Risk Guarantee

Virtually everyone that uses Contact Daddy is thrilled with the amount of leads they are able to generate. We are so confidant in Contact Daddy’s ability to generate leads for you and your business.  If, after using Contact Daddy for 30 Days, you haven’t at least tripled your investment. Myself and my team will personally work with you and coach you until you have earned at least 5x your investment!

*** Please note this is not for serial refunders or tire-kickers. This is for real marketers and sales professionals who are going to put this into action for 30 days. Software licenses and usage are verifiable. You must have used Contact Daddy and used all the data provided over a 30 day period and show proof that you have followed up with. your leads. So if you are thinking about sitting on your ass for 30 days without trying and getting a free ride, think again. There is plenty of support available to ensure your success.


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  • q-iconWill Contact Daddy run on a Mac?

    Contact Daddy will run on any windows operating system XP or higher. If you have parallels with windows installed on your Mac, it will work.

  • q-iconHow many websites can Contact Daddy visit per day?

    Depending on the speed of your PC and internet speed the average Contact Daddy user can reach 50,000-100,000  websites per day or more.

  • q-iconWhat about forms with Captcha?

    Contact Daddy Has the option to submit to only websites without captcha codes or to “bypass captcha codes”. ContactDaddy uses which charges only $1.38 per 1,000 captcha’s solved.

  • q-iconDo you offer Tech Support?

    YES! Tech support is available via email and our support desk.  Support tickets are usually answered within a couple hours during normal work hours.

  • q-iconIs the software updated regularly? Do we need to pay for updates?

    We use the software every day for our businesses so when we make updates, your software updates automatically.  All at no additional charge!

  • q-iconDo I need any special skills or tools to use Contact Daddy?

    Contact Daddy has everything you need to start running campaigns. Just install on your Windows machine follow the simple directions and you are ready to go!

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